Natanz (Persian: نطنز) is the centre of a township of the same name in the Isfahan province of Iran. It is located 70km south-east of Kashan. The population of the township as of 1999 was 39,964.
Its bracing climate and locally-produced fruit (especially Natanz pears) are well-known in Iran. The famous Karkas mountain chain (Kuh-e Karkas) (meaning mountain of vultures), at an elevation of 3,899 meters, rises above the town, and locals point in its direction telling how the Achaemenian King, Darius III, was killed nearby.
Various small shrines dot the area, such as the shrine of Abd as-Samad. The elements in the present complex date from 1304 with subsequent additions and restorations, such as the Khaneqah and Muqarnas vault. The tomb honors the Sufi Sheikh Abd al-Samad, and was built by the Sheikh's disciple, the Ilkhanid vizier Zain al-Din Mastari.

Nuclear facility

The Natanz Nuclear Facility, located some 30 km NNE from the town (33°43′N 51°43′E / 33.717°N 51.717°E / 33.717; 51.717) near a major highway, is generally recognized as Iran's central facility for enrichment with 3800 centrifuges currently operational and being fed with UF6.


Source: Wikipedia